Two Rivals, One Bed

In SIN CITY SECRETS, Zuri's sizzling series created for Harlequin Desire, billionnaire brothers Christian, Adam, Noah and Nick are living the good life and want you along for the ride......

Have You Met The Breedloves?

One Love DayDreamer! Time is flying, isn't it? So much going on! Which is why I'm excited to help you take a breath to enjoy Maeve and Victor's story of going from rivals to lovers -  the perfect recipe for a juicy love story to heat up these cold winter nights.


Oldest daughter Maeve Eddington has something to prove. As a woman in the mostly male world of corporate law, she's often pitted against men who underestate her. That's exactly how she feels when former college acquaintance and known playboy Victor Cortez surprisingly becomes the opposing counsel in a legal matter. Life becomes even more complicated when the undeniable heat of their attraction boils during an unexpected snowstorm that leaves them stranded. 

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